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Not all physical therapy is alike.

Your experience at Terry Kern Physical Therapy will be entirely different from any previous experience you may have had. The difference is an eclectic approach based upon my own personal experiences as an Olympic athlete in the sport of ski jumping for twenty-three years, a physical therapist for over thirty years, and more importantly as a patient having surgery and rehabilitation on both shoulders and a knee. My techniques incorporate the best of other physical therapy and alternative medicine philosophies, using their ideas in a new and innovative manner as it applies to laws of physics and your body.

The primary focus in the treatment of your pain or injury is that of facilitating change with your neuromuscular, fascial, and skeletal systems through exercise and education. My exercises incorporate both isolated and integrated postures and movements designed to reset your neuromuscular and fascial systems and their forces, which are directly affecting your skeletal system. Many of your symptoms including pain are due to the fact that your neuromuscular and fascial strategy are no longer working for you. As your neuromuscular and fascial strategy changes, so will your pain because there will be less breakdown and inflammation of these tissues which are responsible for skeletal balance and equilibrium. My primary goal is to obtain skeletal balance and equilibrium by changing your habits and behaviors at the subconscious level when doing any of your daily, functional activities.