I started seeing him a year ago as I had a torn hip labrum and was on a cane and used a wheelchair. I was in extreme back and hip and shoulder pain. I had seen several other PT’s and medical back and hip specialist to no avail.
I can not say enough great things about Terry. I recommend him to everybody I meet who suffers pain. After being on a cane for 3 months he had me walking without it in one week, not kidding. I have been in therapy for about a year now and he has given me back my freedom! I could not hold my little girl or sit on the floor. I couldn’t dance without throwing my back out. I missed being with my kids. Now, I can carry my 4 year old on a walk, lift her and dance holding her. A year seems like a long time but I was in bad shape. He also was only seeing my every 2 to 8 weeks, so really not that many appointments. I am still in therapy but my quality of life now is such a blessing. I know the day is coming when I will no longer need to see him. You are in control of your appointments, there is no unnecessary appointments here. He teaches you how to take control of your healing. All exercise are simple and can be done at home..so simple it is amazing to me! Don’t delay..call now!! I have recommended him to numerous friends as they all have been very pleased with their results.

My partner and I had Terry Kern as a physical therapist for about 3 years. We found him to be the most capable and tuned-in physical therapist we ever had. He helped us get our bodies in much better alignment and aches and pains just disappeared. We loved the exercises he gave us. They were simple, didn’t take much time and would quickly give relief. Both of us felt like we had a major overhaul in small increments over those years. We now live on the East Coast and still feel like there is no one better than he is. We highly recommend him and his skills and he’s a wonderful human being, too! We miss you, Terry!

Terry Kern is the most amazing physical therapist I have ever had the pleasure of benefiting from. He is finely tuned in to the problems and is extremely intuitive in working with his patients.

Terry’s the Best PT in NM!!! He takes the time to understand your problem and magically makes the corrections! I highly recommend Terry!

Terry Kern is amazing. I’ve gone to him numerous times over the past 15 years or more and no one can fine tune a body like Terry. He is a master!

I have been an triathlete for many years and had my share of injuries and physical therapists.
I can honestly say that Terry is the best physical therapist I have ever had, that is because he takes a whole body approach (for example what misalignment is causing my knee injuries).